Monday, May 16, 2011

My Eurovision Thoughts

 Düsseldorf thank you for a great show!!! :)
It was one great night full of good vibration & music! All Europe was watching & cheering & off course tweeting :D (you must love modern technology) Like one big family! It really was one specially feeling!
  I love that i am European girl! Does not exist better place in whole world!
So back to Eurovision :)) Ready or not here i go! Eurovision in MY view!
1. Second semifinal night was better! Much more good music.
2. Why Latvia didn`t past in final? I really like them!
3.Two pair of twins!!! WoW! So cool & cute! Ireland`s boys were so cool!

4. Ukraine ( i don`t know how to call that...but it appears behind the singer on the wall...) Lets call that "screen art"  was AWESOME! So arty! Like that really much!
5. Estonia has her own Katy Perry :D
6. Oh that hunk from Greece...Mmmmmmmmm :))) Mom I am going to marry him! :) lol Graduated in Biology! He is Greek (i love Greece, so being Greek is big +) Loves music! Sings! He is hot... Come on! He is perfect for ME! :) Ok he doesn`t know about marriage or me...But that is not so important! ;) <3 
7. Welcome back Italy! We miss you!
8. UK`s Blue.....Good!
9. Moldova...Very original! Like the elves from  fairy tales :) I just wonder...whether that hats were heavy? Hm?You? 
10. What? Lena? Satellite again? Nooooo...But again Lena! Does Germany have any other singer?? BTW she was very hot! Real foxy lady! Very good performans and song too.

11. Nina was very good! :) Listen to English version HERE.
12. Why did Switzerland didn`t get more points??? WTF was that? Just 19! 
13.Anke Engelke was so AWESOME! Really like her!
14. Lots of hot guys.... Russia,  Sweden.... Just saying... :)) BTW Like Button!! ;)
15. And the winner is Azerbaijan! Congrats! I really like the song! And performance was very good.

And i can go like this until tomorrow... But lets stop :) It was one good Eurovision week with lots of good music! So until next year goodbye! :))) See you in Azerbaijan! 

Stay tuned! xoxo

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