Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pay Attention!

 My dear friends and Facebook lovers i want to share some info with you!
Did you know that Facebook has the right to use yours images (Everyone  that you post on your Facebook page!) in their advertising campaigns?! Yes he does! I do not know how that sounds to you but to me that idea is not acceptable! I wouldn`t like to see my privet photos (That only my close  friends can see on Facebook! Yes to me Facebook is privet thing!) in some commercial!  NOT  ACCEPTABLE!
 So if you think like i am here is manual how you can protect you privacy!
 Here we go>
1. Go to Facebook and login
2. Then first click on ACCOUNT then ACCOUNT SETTING
3. On the page you will see FACEBOOK ADVERTISEMENTS, click on that!
5. And then select option NO ONE

Easy but effected! Share this info with your friends!
Be safe!

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