Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tread on Trafficking

  Sometimes we don`t know how lucky we are and how unlucky others are. We are so preoccupied with our own lives and problems that we don`t see the bigger problems and sadness of this world. Unfortunately this world is full of evil people who leave their traces...
   The cruels thing is to hurt child! Unfortunately these things happen... Because of that organizations like LOVE 146 are important!!

 Tread on Trafficking is a virtual event that happens across the globe started May 1st, 2011. Those who tread on trafficking put their foot down to raise awareness about child sex slavery and funds to care for survivors and those vulnerable to exploitation. Treaders ask sponsors to support them for the number of miles or hours they spend running, swimming, biking, or working out in some form over the eight week period of May & June. Becoming a treader is really simple, anyone, anywhere can sign up. All proceeds raised by those treading benefit the work of Love146!

And how cool is that?
One Tree Hill star Bethany Joy Galeotti is also taking part in this event. She is inspiring people to make miles with her. For some more inspiration visit Joy`s blog page here!

So how can you help?! 
 EASY  --> By buying TSHIRT or direct donating to LOVE 146 
JOIN   --> Joining Tread on Trafficking! For more info click her! Or join Bethany Joy`s The LoveWarriors ! For being part of The LoveWarriors click here
MILES--> Run, swim, walk.....Find SPONSOR to pay every mile you do.

  Don`t forget that every penny that your sponsor gives or that you donate will be spend in good cause! You never know have little for you can be a lot for somebody. So get involved! Don`t close your eyes and make somebody`s life better! HELP & SHARE THIS INFO!

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