Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heart beats Eurovision! :)

Living in Europe has many advantages! Ah...Don`t let me started! But that will be topic for some other post. Now lets put accent on Eurovision!!! :))) How can you live in Europe and  not love Eurovision?? Hm??? How???
  Let me be clear.... YOU cant! So I , like one big lover of this music event, have some impressions to share with you about last night semifinals. So are you interested???? :))) Ready or not here i go :))
List starts 
1. has finally began!!!
2. I like logo "Feel your heart beat" 
3. I am not sure do i LIKE or UNLIKE this years hosts... I will decide that latter... But one of them (who speaks French) is cool :) 
4. I thing stage is to big...Yes that is possible! TO BIG! UNLIKE! 
5. I really like Switzerland song! And she is so nice and pretty...But her dress.... That one is a killer! Love it! She is definitely best dress`t !
So for this one comes BIG LIKE!
6. Are dear NINA  :) ...Was totally magical! She is so pretty! And good singer to! And you have to admit very original! (Not from Europe and don`t know what i am talking about?! Click here and listened to official version of song! Or go to the end of the post and listened to English version)  BIG, BIG LIKE! Click Here to go to Nina`s Official FaceBook page.

I have many more to say....But i will leave it for final! :)
 So if you live in EUROPE .... Vote for Nina`s MAGICAL (Caroban) If you don`t live in Europe...To bad... ;) So back to NINA :) If you don`t understand Serbian language here is English version of song! Enjoy in good music! I will! :)

Stay tuned! xoxo

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