Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet 26th

1. Best B`day ever!!! :)
2. I have best mum and sister in a whole world! The literally moved the planet to make my B`day incredible! I am one lucky girl!!
3. My FB wall was fool of so nice messages! I literally start to call myself  "thanks" because of so many "Thank you" responds! :D LoL
4. The group of my BFF-s came to my house uninvited making me awesome B`day party! Love that some peoples you don`t need to tell something they just already know it! :))
5. My sis and mum made me the best B`day PINK cake! Yes it was PINK! So AWESOME!
6. My sister is sweetheart! My angel! Love her so much!
7. Estranged friend who i didn`t see for almost two years came to my B`day party to surprise me! I was so happy!!! Thanks to my sister (I know! YES my SISTER is the BEST!!! ) So awesome!!! :)
8. My room is full of beautiful flowers thanks to my friends! Calla & lilies!
9. Got a lots of awesome gifts !
10. My sis bought me a shoes! She is the best ( Just you don`t forget that fact! :) )
11. Have a full draw of candies thanks to my friends! :)
12. Had a really AWESOME day! :))))
Love S

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