Saturday, May 14, 2011


 You cant remember all great moments in life...But you can capture them with photos! Because of that i love photography! I always take pictures...of everything...and anything.... My family laughs at me because of that... And they think i am annoying when i make them pose for photo shooting... But latter when they see photos .. They like them!! :))) Photography is so brilliant way of expressing art! I always admired people who can paint, write, compose... Who can get their thoughts, feelings and creativity  turn into another form...Yes that specially talented people! I really envy them ...
 So photography is my hobby. Some people say i have an eye for it... :) (Yes they say that! And no it`s not my mom and dad or sister!) I know how to make beautiful photos.... :) So this is some of lets call them "art photos" that i took. And at some of this photos were taken by my friend (That is because I am on it :)) ) Hope you like them!

Pst....Its ME


Sooooooooo??? :)))
Stay tuned! xoxo

p.s. Yes  final of Eurovision is today! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee! Cant wait! :)) Byeeee

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