Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glowing Tina Fay

   If you are reading gossip mags you probably know that Tina Fay is pregnant! If you don`t read.....Well now you know... :)
Today when i came for my daily doz of morning gossips i saw some beautiful pics...
For more photos click on pic
   Wow.....She is glowing! So beautiful and elegant...Perfect lady! Man i would like to look like this in my 40's! As Tina says today in Manhatton is not normal to have just one kid! Good for you people of Manhatton! #KidsAreFuture  
 Tina is just publish her memoirs "Bossypants". And from one women who is actress, comedian, writer, producer, wife and mom you know that you have something good to read and heard.

   Seeing Tina Fay was so inspiring to me...As girl who i am, and women i would like to become! It remind me that for something is never to late. And something you just need to do...and forget all bounders! Its just never to late! 

Stay tuned! xo

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